Born and raised in Venezuela by German parents, I grew up

in a country with some of the most varied, spectacular

landscapes, and diverse cultures.

My parents instilled a deep love and respect for nature from

an early age. As avid hikers, my father encouraged me to not

only notice the landscapes, but all the colors, shapes, and

small details within them.

My mother's passion for gardening exposed me to an

amazing array of flowers and plants, and with that an even

deeper connection to nature.

Having traveled all seven continents has made it possible to

capture some stunning and unique subjects.

I like for my images to grab the viewers attention, evoking

emotions, and invite the viewer to feel like they experienced

the moment and the place where the photo was taken,

appreciate the incredible natural beauty we are so privileged

to enjoy on this planet, and perhaps raise awareness of why

it is so important to protect and take care of nature.

Thank you for visiting my website; I hope you enjoy my work.